10 Cybersecurity Tips from Google

TECH DIGEST – Google has revealed its top cybersecurity tips for online users as part of its “Do Your Part #BeCyberSmart” campaign.

“We have intensified efforts to raise awareness about internet insecurities and empower audiences with tools and resources to help them stay safe online — particularly kids because they are the most vulnerable,” says Google Country Director for Kenya, Agnes Gathaiya.

Here are Google’s 10 safety tips to keep in mind when you’re online:

  • Always have up-to-date software across your desktop, mobile operating system and web browser
  • Use a password manager which will create unique and strong passwords
  • Be wary of requests for personal information to avoid phishing attempts
  • Enable 2 step verification
  • Set up a security key for extra protection. This is a physical device that inserts into a USB port to a computer or connects wirelessly to your phone
  • In case you lose your phone, you can remotely locate or lock it using “find a lost device” under your Google account
  • Activists or political leaders who are at most risk of targeted attacks should enrol for Google’s Advanced Protection Programme
  • Always download your apps from a source you trust
  • Browse on secure networks. Be careful when using public or free Wi-Fi
  • Use Google’s Security Checkup that analyses your Google Account security status and provides you with guidance to address issues found