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3.12 Million Vacant Jobs Exist In Global Cybersecurity industry

TECH DIGEST – A new report by Atlas VPN team has found that there exist a global cybersecurity workforce gap of 3.12 million in 2020 alone.

This wide gap, according to the report can be attributed to the more half of the world’s population that is connected to the internet and countless of new companies popping up every day using the power of the web to sell their goods and services.

The report noted that as a result of this cybercrime is also at an all-time high, bringing the need for cybersecurity professionals. Unfortunately, the supply of skilled workers did not keep up with the demand.

“The data reveals that it is necessary to incentivize people to take up cybersecurity as their career. Without sufficient security coverage, organizations run the risk of falling victim to cybercrime,” said Rachel Welch, Chief Operating Officer at Atlas VPN.

A breakdown of the figure indicates that over 2.04 million job offers are available in the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America region has around 527,000 job offers unfilled, while the US has more than 359,000 jobs available for internet security professionals.

Also, Mexico has a shortage of 96,594 cybersecurity experts with Australia needing 27,192 employees to fill available job positions.