Tech Startups
Tech Startups

7 Notable Tech Innovations in 2020

By Abbas Badamasi

We bring you 7 Innovative Startups founded by mostly young Nigerians, that are making big impacts in different sectors of the economy.
The startups are attracting foreign investments into the country,
Apart from solving big problems, the startups create job opportunities, and attract foreign investments while driving innovation in Nigeria.
They are: (Digital economy) is the first mobile
application for medical consultation in Nigeria. It is an online consultation platform which allows a patient anywhere and anytime to talk to doctors online or through its toll-free line. The vision of the promoters, according to Pharm Muhammad Abubakar Hassan, the Chief Operation Officer is to give all Africans access to online medical consultations regardless of their locations.
Lexchain (Blockchain)
Lexchain is a tech innovation startups nurtured by Kaduna-based Lexington Hub. The product, according to Dauda Hunkuyi, the chief Executive Officer of Lexington Hub, is a Blockchain-based Startup for data (document) verification and decentralised storage that leverages and solve the problems of the health, education and Land GIS sector.
Koniku (A I )
Koniku was founded in 2017 by Oshiorenoya Agabi, a Nigerian-born scientist who now runs the company’s team of engineers in Silicon Valley. Koniku is a device that uses artificial intelligence to create an electronic nose that can “smell” the COVID virus.
One Kiosk (Digital Economy)
One Kiosk, is an Instacart for Africa, using a marketplace approach to aggregate local and medium scale retailers across various communities leveraging on Geolocation and Machine learning to connect customers with sellers based on their location and preference thus achieving an efficient delivery cycle of one  hour to their users for the direct shopping while their open market list service achieves same-day delivery. According to Adeshina Adewumi, the chief operating officer,  One Kiosk equally use the data generated from their system to provide access to finance for small businesses (over 14,000 at the moment). The Solution is available on Web and Mobile App.
Yahdeh App
Yahdeh is a free anti- kidnapping app with a location based chat app that allows users to join location fixed chat rooms along with a private message interface.
According to Muntasir Shuaib, the developer and founder, the app features an AI enabled location service that automatically detects when users are on the move and shares the location in form of alerts (Which are automatically deleted by the AI system when not in transit) to a preselected list with customizable timer set by user during an ideal time while on transit.  It also empowers SMEs and other business’s alike to leverage the platform to reach more potential customers.
Farmcrowdy is Nigeria’s first digital agriculture platform and a globally recognised Agritech company that connects small scale farmers across  Nigeria with smart farming techniques, quality farm inputs, and access to broader markets to earn a decent profit margin compared to what they are used to earning within their locality. So far, over 12,000 rural farmers have expanded their farm operations five times more. Farmcrowdy was founded by Onyeka Akumah,Ifeanyi Anazodo,Akindele Phillips,Jimoh Maiyegun and Tope Omotani.The company has so far attracted $2.4m in funding.
Flutterwave has set out to address the problem of inefficient global fintech company that fully supports Africa’s ecommerce ecosyste which has been a major setback in the growth and development of ecommerce in the continent. Flutterwave was founded in 2016 by Iyinoluwa and Olugbenga Agboola, to provide technology, infrastructure and offer services to enable merchants, payment service providers, banks and businesses build secure and seamless payment solutions. The company has achieved a great deal so far and has raised $64.5 million in funding, announced partnership with Worldpay FIS, and has launched an e-commerce platform for SMEs.