Kids learning Robotics And Coding
Kids learning Robotics And Coding

8-year-old Nigerian, Tuyva Benibo, Takes Top Prize in Global Coding Contest

In a shining moment for Nigeria on the global stage, 8-year-old Tuyva Benibo has captured the spotlight by clinching the coveted “Outstanding Animation” award at the prestigious International Kids Coding Competition (IKCC).

In a heartwarming interview, Tuyva shared his journey and aspirations, offering valuable advice to young students aspiring to enter the world of coding.

Tuyva said, “I’m Tuyva Benibo, an 8-year-old student at Holden Park School, currently in year 4. Representing Nigeria and winning at the International Kids Coding Competition has been an incredible experience. Achieving Outstanding Animation requires a strong grasp of coding, animation creation, and the right coding blocks.”

Tuyva recounted his path to coding mastery and had encouraging words for his peers: “Every day, before school, I joined Mr. Edward’s class where he imparted coding knowledge and strategies to us contestants. I’ve been learning to code for a year now, and it’s been an amazing journey. Coding allows me to express my imagination and create exciting projects that people love to watch and play. To other children, I’d say, keep coding once you get comfortable with the building blocks and crafting fantastic projects.”

Mr. Paul, Benibo’s proud teacher, was thrilled to see his student represent the nation and offered insight: “I’m Edward Paul, and witnessing Tuyva win this prestigious title filled me with immense pride. With so many countries and participants, having Nigeria on that list is a moment of great pride for me, knowing that I’m the teacher who guided Tuyva.

“This experience can inspire young minds to pursue diverse careers and open doors to tech companies, actively seeking skilled individuals to fill essential roles. The opportunities are vast, and I look forward to collaborations with tech companies on an international scale to create new career paths for our students.”

Veronica Mordi, the Assistant Head of School at Holden Park School, also expressed her enthusiasm: “I’m Veronica Mordi, Assistant Head of School at Holden Park School.

“This achievement is truly exciting for us. Our students have been diligently learning coding and animations, exploring these skills beyond regular classroom settings. We want them to see the real-world applications of coding and animation, understanding how they shape education and various industries. 

“This competition was an excellent opportunity for our students to showcase their talents, and the news of our success has filled our school with joy. It reinforces the fact that our children are well-prepared for the opportunities of this new century.”