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Apple Brings Back Battery Percentage Icon In Latest iOS Beta

TECH DIGEST– In its most recent iOS 16 beta, tech giant Apple has brought back the battery % icon, which shows the real numerical amount of charge on the status bar.

The battery indicator reportedly made a comeback in iOS 16 beta 5, however, anyone using the beta still needs to enable it in the Settings menu. In the Settings menu’s “battery” section, just above the toggle for Low Power Mode, is the option to turn on battery percentage. The update is limited to the beta users for now.

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The battery % indication first appeared during the iPhone 3GS period and went away with the introduction of the notch on the iPhone X around the time of iOS 11 in 2017.

The chances are good that the battery % icon will return in late September with the official release of iOS 16 even though Apple does not typically maintain every beta feature in a final release, especially if early feedback pushes back on anything.

According to a recent report, iOS 16 will allow users to edit an iMessage up to five times before the option is removed from the long-press menu.