Apple Developers Earn $320 Billion Over the Past Years

TECH DIGEST- In the last 14 years, app developers on Apple’s iOS store have made nearly $320 billion in revenue from their apps. Apple made this disclosure in its analysis of the app store’s performance in 2022.

The corporation claims that from the platform’s introduction in 2008 through 2022, the earnings were distributed to the platform’s creators. Apple also revealed that more users than ever before visited the App Store to look for and download games and apps, increasing the amount of money that developers made.

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According to Apple, it now has more than 900 million paid subscriptions across all of its services, with subscriptions to the App Store accounting for a sizable portion of that total. “The App Store connects developers of all sizes, from emerging solo creators to large international teams, with more than 650 million visitors across 175 regions each week.
Developers selling digital goods and services on the App Store have earned more than $320 billion since the platform’s 2008 launch, marking another year of record earnings. And this considerable number represents just a fraction of the overall commerce the app ecosystem facilitates. Throughout the year, new apps and games delivered fresh ways to connect.”

The organization also highlighted data from other services, pointing out that Apple Music has over 100 million songs and that Spatial Audio is becoming more popular, with monthly listeners tripling since launch. Shazam passed the landmark of 70 billion Shazams overall on its 20th anniversary in 2022.