Canvay, YES-Hub, Code, Empower Katsina Teachers with Digital Skills

In a bid to enhance teaching and learning in Katsina State, Canvay Integrated Solutions, Youth Entrepreneurship Support Hub, YES – Hub, and Collective Development, Code, partnered to conduct a one day training workshop titled ‘Technology-Empowered Teaching: Digital Citizenship, and AI in the Classroom’.

The hands-on training involved teachers from both government and private schools, covered topics such as Introduction to AI and its applications in education, using AI to create personalized learning experiences, AI-powered tools for assessment and feedback, Ethical considerations in using AI in the classroom, Online Safety and Security, Digital Literacy and Communication, Digital Rights and Responsibilities.

“This training has opened my eyes to the potential of AI in the classroom,” said a participating teacher. “I’m eager to use my new knowledge to create more engaging and effective lessons for my students.”

The Katsina State Universal Basic Education Board Chairman who was represented commended the organizers for their initiative, stating, “This training will undoubtedly improve the quality of education in our state.”

The training is part of the organizations’ commitment to giving back to Katsina State and empowering teachers with the skills they need to succeed in the digital age.