Dr. Vincent O. Olatunji, National Commissioner/CEO, Nigeria Data Protection Bureau (NDPB)
Dr. Vincent O. Olatunji, National Commissioner/CEO, Nigeria Data Protection Bureau (NDPB)

Data Protection Commission Launches Strategic Roadmap for Growth

TECH DIGEST- The Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC) has unveiled the Nigeria Data Protection Strategic Roadmap and Action Plan (NDP-SRAP 2023-2027), setting a bold target to generate over N125 billion in revenues. This comprehensive plan, structured around five pillars, aims to transform the data protection sector, offering a roadmap for governance, ecosystem and technology, human capital development, cooperation and collaboration, as well as funding and sustainability.

Dr. Vincent Olatunji, the National Commissioner of the NDPC, emphasized the pivotal role of the NDP-SRAP in fostering a resilient data protection sector. He outlined the multifaceted impact of the plan, encompassing job and wealth creation, human capital development, revenue generation, and foundational initiatives for the digital economy. The ambitious roadmap is expected to create approximately 500,000 jobs, generate revenue exceeding N125 billion, and elevate Nigeria’s global reputation in the digital realm.

“The roadmap will contribute to the growth of the country’s international businesses and its global competitiveness in human capital,” Dr. Olatunji stated. He highlighted the crucial role of the plan in addressing security concerns, particularly in checking the malicious use of identity, preventing unauthorized access to personal data, and building trust to enhance the global perception of Nigerians.

The NDP-SRAP emerges not just as a strategic blueprint for the data protection sector but as a catalyst for broader economic growth and international recognition. Its ambitious targets and multifaceted initiatives position Nigeria as a key player in the evolving digital landscape, fostering innovation, job creation, and revenue generation. As the NDPC takes this bold step, the global tech community watches with anticipation, recognizing the potential of Nigeria’s data protection sector to shape its digital future.

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