GITEX: Nigerian Start-Ups at the Forefront of AI Innovation

TECHDIGEST- As the tech world prepares for the largest tech and start-up event in Marrakech, Morocco, later this month, Nigerian start-ups are making headlines for their contributions to AI and digital solutions. From AI-powered healthcare to advanced agricultural SaaS platforms, these innovators are addressing cross-continental challenges and reshaping Africa’s digital economy.

At the Al Everything Expo during GITEX Africa 2024, held from May 29 to 31, Nigeria’s tech scene will be prominently featured. The event will highlight the nation’s strides in AI, showcasing solutions that attract global venture capital and investment.

Nigeria’s AI sector, is expected to exceed $1 billion in market value by 2024 according to Statista, is projected to grow at an impressive rate of 17 per cent annually, reaching $3 billion by 2030. This rapid growth underscores the country’s role as a leader in AI and tech talent development.

One standout participant is FundusAI, the continent’s first AI-powered diabetic care ecosystem. This innovative platform enables early detection of Diabetic Retinopathy, a critical advancement in eye health. FundusAI’s CEO and Founder, Abulmalik Adeyemo, aims to diagnose over five million patients annually by 2027 and expand the platform’s capabilities to cover additional eye health issues.

Another notable Nigerian innovation is Farmatrix, a SaaS platform revolutionizing agriculture. Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, Farmatrix connects farmers with agro-commodity aggregators and buyers in real-time, significantly reducing post-harvest losses and increasing profits. Nyafamu Manzo, Farmatrix’s founder, highlights the platform’s impact, noting that over 60 per cent of smallholder farmers in Nigeria struggle with nearly half of their post-harvest yield due to a lack of market access.

Tomiwa Aladekomo, CEO of Big Cabal Media, praises Nigeria’s efforts in nurturing tech talent and driving productivity, setting an example for the continent. The narrative of Nigerian start-ups at GITEX Africa 2024 is not just about technology but also about the potential to attract significant investment and foster economic growth across Africa.

As Nigeria’s top innovators take centre stage, they exemplify how AI and digital solutions can address critical issues and contribute to a thriving digital economy. The GITEX Africa 2024 event will serve as a powerful platform to spotlight these advancements and encourage further investment and collaboration in Africa’s tech landscape.