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Google Unveils AI Boost to Combat Phishing Surge in Gmail

By Kabir Abdulsalam

Google has announced the deployment of custom-built large language models (LLMs) to combat a rise in “higher quality phishing at scale.”

This comes in response to a concerning trend: the rise of “higher quality phishing at scale” fueled by advancements in generative AI.

Phishing attacks, where emails try to trick users into revealing personal information, have long been a problem.

However, Google acknowledges that recent developments in AI have made it easier for attackers to create convincing forgeries.

According t report by Forbes said this has led to a “spike” in such attacks, targeting the goldmine of data within Gmail and Drive accounts.

To combat this threat, Google has deployed custom-built “large language models” (LLMs) designed to identify and block phishing attempts.

The solution, Google said, was conceptually simple albeit technically challenging: “We built custom LLMs to help fight back.” First deployed in late 2023, these LLMs are now “yielding big results,” Google said.

These AI systems, first introduced in late 2023, are now yielding “big results” according to Google, though specifics on the effectiveness were not disclosed.

This development highlights the ongoing battle between AI for good and AI for malicious purposes. Google’s use of AI to protect users suggests a potential turning point in the fight against phishing scams.