IoT Africa: How Modern Technology Checks Air Pollution

TECH DIGEST – You probably might not know that technology can check that putrid air and save you from the scourge of the Corona virus pandemic.

Yes, putrid air chokes, and Corona virus thrives on a stuffy wind pipe and hazy lungs.

However, a concerned tech outfit, IoTAfrica has invested on the information that can widen people’s knowledge about the link between polluted air and Covid19, even as it throws up tech solutions for environmental air pollution.

In a webinar it organized, themed Quality Air &Covid 19: How to improve productivity and safety using IoT” the tech firm raised a discussion on IoT air quality and space monitoring.

The webinar attracted three global industry experts who xrayed the theme from different dimensions.

They included Tom Lindblad, the Founder of Connected Finland; MaijaPatjas, the Head of International Relations, RapalOy; and Melanie Ayoola, the Executive Director of IoT Africa Limited and Tranter IT Infrastructure Services Limited.

The event, moderated by Wole Bamgboye, Communications Manager, IoT Africa Limited, and Tranter IT Infrastructure Services Limited, raised awareness about the importance of IoT Air quality and Space Monitoring using the Internet of Things (IoT) in the everyday lives of Nigerians.

After all discussions, the speakers prescribed smart space monitoring solution as the panacea for good and healthy environment with pure air that aids rich productivity.

Smart Space monitoring is part of a larger smart technologies monitoring ecosystem, which utilises IoT sensors, tags, and pressure pads to give business owners a detailed view of movement within their premises.

According to the experts, corporate, industrial, and manufacturing sectors, need the solution because air quality affects safety, productivity and health in a workplace.

Kicking off the debate, Melanie Ayoola noted that “It could all be less effective in providing a motivated and driven workforce, if the air, the basic natural resource we need to live, is not good enough to sustain the body’s engine”.

She discussed how the air affects productivity and warned against a situation where the air is working against the people in an environment.

Also, Tom Lindblad, in his paper: Seeing The Invisible: How Connected Inventions can help to Monitor and Provide Covid-Safe Indoor Quality Air Around You”, explained that Carbon Monoxide (CO2) levels rise when there is less fresh air, causing headaches, restlessness, drowsiness, and other symptoms.

Relating that to productivity, he said that increased levels have often been found to culminate in decreased productivity, increased sick leave, and the spread of infectious diseases.

He charged people to take it as a serious issue in the office, school, and at home.

However, Maija Patjas, in his own speech described how optimized workspaces can create a better work environment and lead to higher efficiency levels among company staff.

She spoke about how managing hybrid work is making it difficult to optimize space layouts. She highlighted how current working system is changing from an individual-based system to a social, collaborative use of space, with more focus on how employees feel about the environment, and how they can use a more flexible environment to be more productive.

She also explained that organisations that integrate smart space monitoring solution, will achieve improved productivity and collaboration, better satisfaction, better indoor comfort, reduced real estate costs, and energy savings.


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