Kids learning Robotics And Coding
Kids learning Robotics And Coding

IntelBox Mentors Nigerian Children on Robotics, Coding

TECH DIGEST – A Nigerian technology firm, IntelBox Solutions, is mentoring over 20 young children on Coding and Robotics, as part of harnessing their creative talent on various aspects of computer programming.

The infant tech company also revealed that it is targeting Nigerian universities, offering technology-related courses to bridge the yawning gap of ICT deficit in the country.
Its CEO, Engr. Abubakar Lamido Tanko, in an interview with TechDigest, said there is need to partner with Nigerian Universities teaching technology and sciences in order to bring real-world experience to them.

Lamido Tanko noted that, their firm will soon set up a Standard Tech Lab to train students in any Nigerian Universities willing for Partnership.

“If you look at science and engineering students in Nigeria now, we realized that they learn alot of mathematics and theory that are not useful to them in real practical society”, Tanko said.

He lamented that “majority of engineering and science graduates need to search for additional education to be able to feature and compete in global market space unlike their counterparts in Europe, U.S where engineers leaves school or while in school comes up with new innovation and gets employ by standard Tech organization to start implementing what he/she finished in school.

Abubakar disclosed that IntelBox solution has learning centre “that we have created to foster tech education from Kids to young adults. Our learning centre brings like minds who participate as “free thinkers” and “innovators” in our clubs like Young Engineers Club, coding and robotics for kids aged 6 to15 yrs and Robotics Club, students,hobbyist,enthusiasts and professionals who are interested in robotics, machine Learning, artificial intelligence and IoT e.t.c

“There is huge gap from what you learnt in school and what is obtainable in the real world, the INTELBOX SOLUTION is here to bridge the gap”, Abubakar concluded.