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Tech Startups

Lagos Startup Week 2022 Begins
TECHDIGEST- Lagos Startup Week, a weeklong celebration of the African startup ecosystem that brings together numerous participants for learning, investment, exhibitions, career advancement, and networking, takes place this week, from July 25 to July 30, 2022.

With a gathering of more than 5,000 tech stakeholders, the Lagos Startup Week has established itself as the most interesting tech and startup event in Nigeria and possibly all of Africa. The only area where talent, entrepreneurs, operators, investors, and regulators congregate has something valuable to offer each stakeholder.

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What’s Next? is the focus of this year’s edition. Attending will allow you to look into the future as you hear from those who are developing for that future and their investors. You will also gain insight into the potential role you might play in that future. The future of many industries will be thoroughly examined by startup founders, investors, prospective business owners, and tech enthusiasts, along with other crucial issues like gender equality and being globally employable.

The 6th edition of the Lagos Startup Week(LSW), taking place from July 25th–30th, 2022, promises to be a firecracker. It will be held in three main venues and feature a number of virtual programs to incorporate Africans in diaspora in the conversation.