London Digital Expert commends Young Nigerian Web Designer

TECH DIGEST – A prominent London based Digital expert, Edward Targett has commended a Lagos based web developer and founder of Moldavite design, Caleb Popoola.

Edward Targett is the founder and CEO of Stack Technology company, a new business technology publication, featuring interviews, insight, and intelligence on the technology, policy, and changemakers driving digital innovation across industry verticals globally.

Edward Targett who was formerly is an editor of Tech monitor, computer business Review and Roubini Global Economist, made the recommendation on young Nigerian Web developer, Caleb popoola Via on his LinkedIn page.

He said “This is Popoola Caleb. I put out a request on Twitter for a web designer and he got back to me so fast I thought he was a bot. Then I looked him up and saw he was in #Lagos, #Nigeria. The country has a bad reputation for scammers. That’s really unfair on the millions of talented, creative people Nigeria has doing superb work.

“Sometimes you have to take a chance on people (with a little due diligence) who are getting their hustle on. I hired him. He’s been amazing – getting my hosting sorted, Cloudflare DNS resolution set up, the website built and tweaked in fast, responsive and really professional manner.

“Caleb, thanks for all your help. If anyone needs support with web design, I recommend him fully. You can check out his business. He’s got a great, wide-ranging skillset and my hearty recommendation. Here’s the site he set up for me:” he concluded.