Meet The Five NITDA Sponsored Start-ups Representing Nigeria At CES2021

TECH DIGEST – The Consumer Electronics Show is a global annual event organized by the Consumer technology Association.

The event hosts presentation of new product and technologies in the consumer electronics industry.

At the 2021 edition of the event which is holding virtually due to the impact of COVID-19, the National Information Technology Development Agency has sponsored five start-ups to showcase their innovation. Below are the Start-up selected by the IT development agency.


Vinsighte is a digital health startup which makes use of Artificial Intelligence and assistive technology to prevent visual impairment and aid the visually impaired to live more comfortable lives. The innovation aids visually impaired in reading books conveniently by converting texts to audio input for the visually impaired user to listen. Vinsighte smart app also diagnoses eye diseases, recommends first aid treatment

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VNTS has designed a patented all-in-one device for Home/SME LTE Broadband deployment and easy networking. When plugged into wall sockets in a building it delivers superfast 5G/LTE Broadband and using the electrical cabling, distributes data & delivers complete Wi-Fi coverage.

The VNTS innovates and manufactures network devices that solves last-mile connectivity and last mile Wi-Fi signal issues using existing electrical cabling.

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. Traceroot is a facial Recognition Solution that helps law enforcement accurately Identify criminal suspects.

We build Security tools in the absence of good providers partner with the best existing solutions, so you can get to track your suspects in-depth.


LexChain – Using Blockchain we provide Government, Businesses and Individuals the ability to verify and securely exchange digital assets. It uses the power of blockchain technology to provide a decentralized source of trust, fraud detection , deed dispute, transparency, document tracking, certificate/transcript, tamper proof and data curation Features include;

Secure Digital Asset

Ownership Verification

Secure Storage of Confidential Records

Digital Asset Integrity Verification

Secure Transfer of Digital Assets

Well Documented & Easy API

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Energy is one of the fastest growing off-grid clean energy companies in West Africa. Our mission is to replace dirty and expensive lighting and cooking solutions with sustainable energy alternatives for the 150 million people living without electricity in West Africa. The product, OranjBoxx is a versatile Plug and Play Solar Home System that power lights, radios, TVs and charge phones.

Each unit is SMART, and connects remotely to our central database to support PAYG, enabling proactive maintenance and remote firmware updates.

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