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Meta Expands Fact-Checking to Threads 

TECH DIGEST- Meta’s newest social network, Threads, is launching its own fact-checking program after months of relying on Instagram and Facebook’s established networks. Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced the rollout of this capability, allowing fact-checkers to rate and mark false content directly on Threads.

However, Mosseri did not specify the exact launch date or geographic limitations of the program. Details about Meta’s fact-checking partners for Threads remain unclear, though inquiries have been made for further information.

This move appears strategically timed for the upcoming U.S. elections, ensuring that misinformation can be effectively addressed on the platform. Despite India currently undergoing its general elections, it is improbable for Threads to implement such a program mid-cycle, typically preferring pre-election launches.

In December, Meta indicated its intention to extend fact-checking to Threads. Mosseri previously noted that while Threads currently matches fact-check ratings from Facebook and Instagram, the ultimate goal is to empower fact-checking partners to directly review and rate misinformation within the app.