Metaverse PR launches Virtual Agency to promote Web3 Startups

Metaverse PR,  a specialized public relations firm has  launched it first ever virtual Public Relation agency to assist Web3 startups and existing enterprises with the problem of effectively communicating in a new, constantly changing virtual reality.

The PR firm, based New York City, United States of America, USA launched this  through  its sister company, double e PR, a communications firm with vast experience representing technology-driven retail, creative, and commerce businesses.

Metaverse PR‘s service will enhanced by double e PR’s history in technology communications, particularly in helping companies communicate their stories about digital transformation.

According to a statement obtain from its official website, said “the programs encompassing a range of strategic communications activities including speaking engagements and vertical, category-specific media relations, product publicity, byline writing and thought leadership”.

The president/founder of Metaverse PR, Eric Eddy said: “We’re thrilled to offer the constellation of Metaverse companies our expertise in delivering high profile exposure in the press and on the stage. Our background in PR for this brave new virtual world originated with our sister company, whose consulting clients bridge brands into Web3.

“Those clients relied on double e pr’s ability to conceptualize and develop thought leadership campaigns on everything from token gated commerce and DAOs to NFTs and Web3 solutions. We are bringing our clients sophisticated Metaverse business to business communications experience to drive brand buzz.

“Businesses such as crypto firms, NFT collectives, computing power and DAOs, interoperability and standards companies, virtual platform companies, token gated commerce, and web gaming companies, VR/XR/AR players, and hardware technology manufacturers are among the industries that the new agency supports in building the Metaverse.

By Kabir Abdulsalam