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Microsoft Renounces Observer Seat on OpenAI Board

TECH DIGEST- Microsoft has stepped down from its non-voting observer seat on the board of OpenAI, the artificial intelligence research company.

According to Axios, Microsoft cited OpenAI’s significant progress and confidence in its future direction as reasons for leaving the board position. OpenAI confirmed this move and stated they would no longer have board observers, likely impacting reported plans for Apple to take an observer seat.

OpenAI’s board underwent a significant reshuffle last year following the departure and subsequent reinstatement of CEO Sam Altman. The current board includes Bret Taylor (former Salesforce co-CEO), Larry Summers (former Treasury Secretary), Fidji Simo (Instacart CEO), Nicole Seligman (ex-Sony Corp EVP), Dr Sue Desmond-Hellmann (former Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation CEO), Paul Nakasone (ex-NSA head), and Adam D’Angelo (Quora CEO).

These leadership changes coincided with the departure of prominent researchers like Andrej Karpathy and Ilya Sutskever. Sutskever went on to establish Safe Superintelligence Inc. (SSI), a company dedicated to enhancing AI safety.