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Microsoft Takes Firm Stance Against Use of Bing Data to Enhance AI Chatbots

TECHDIGEST- Recent reports suggest that Microsoft is considering preventing other companies from using data from its search engine, Bing, to enhance their AI chatbots. The move comes amid allegations that some companies have been using Bing’s data to augment their own chatbots.

Microsoft has reportedly issued warnings to two Bing-powered search engines, cautioning them that their access will be terminated if they continue to use the data for their chatbots.

While the identity of the companies involved in the dispute has not been disclosed, it’s worth noting that several search engines, including Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and, rely on Bing for their search functionality.

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Microsoft considers the use of Bing’s search index to augment AI chatbots a breach of contract and may sever its agreements with the search engines in question.

While licensing agreements with Microsoft allow search engines to utilize Bing’s data to enhance their search capabilities, Microsoft deems the use of its search index as raw material for AI chatbots as crossing the line. The Verge has pointed out that both DuckDuckGo and have recently launched their AI-powered products. DuckDuckGo’s DuckAssist tool generates brief summaries from sources like Wikipedia for specific searches, while’s AI chat function provides users with answers to their queries. Neeva has also released an AI-driven tool that generates annotated summaries.

It’s uncertain whether Microsoft has taken any action against the search engines accused of violating its contract. However, with rival companies like Google entering the AI chatbot arena and developing their versions of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Microsoft may be seeking to keep its search data exclusively reserved for use by its Bing chatbot. The Bing chatbot is already equipped with OpenAI’s latest and most advanced language model, the GPT-4, which can perform a diverse range of functions, including answering questions, generating summaries, writing code, and even creating social media posts. Microsoft has stated that it will work with its partners directly and provide any information needed to find a path forward.