MTN, Huawei Collaborate to Establish Tech Innovation Lab in  Africa

In a bid to accelerate digital transformation and sustainable development across Africa, the pan-African telecom giant, MTN Group, has partnered with Huawei Technologies to establish a groundbreaking technology innovation lab. Situated at MTN’s headquarters in South Africa, the lab aims to serve as a catalyst for digital progress on the continent.

The collaboration between MTN and Huawei signifies a strategic effort to foster cross-regional collaboration and stimulate the African digital ecosystem.

By promoting the rapid development, deployment, and adoption of cutting-edge innovative solutions, the partners envision a future where Africa leads in technology advancement.

MTN highlighted the lab’s pivotal role in its evolution from a traditional telecommunications operator to a comprehensive technology services provider.

Research and development within the lab will focus on vital areas such as 5G and 5G-A technologies, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, cloud computing, automation, and digital financial services – all essential components of Africa’s digital future.

Ralph Mupita, President and Chief Executive Officer of MTN Group, emphasized the lab’s commitment to developing relevant and transformative solutions tailored to the African context.

He stated, “It’s about solutions born in Africa, for Africa,” underscoring the lab’s role in catalyzing the growth of the digital economy and empowering communities across the continent”.

Mazen Mroué, Chief Technology and Information Officer at MTN Group, described the lab as more than just a technological hub but a platform for collaboration.

He emphasized the importance of leveraging collective brilliance and fostering a collaborative spirit among Africa’s innovators to unlock the true potential of the lab.

Commenting on the collaboration, Cao Ming, President of Huawei’s Wireless Solutions, expressed confidence in creating leading products and solutions for the African market.

He highlighted the lab’s role in accelerating Africa’s digital economy and building a more prosperous and sustainable continent.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and resources, the technology innovation lab is poised to serve as a hub for experimentation, demonstration, and skill-building.

MTN disclosed that the lab is open to MTNers, partners, and stakeholders based on prior reservations, further emphasizing its commitment to fostering collaboration and driving digital innovation in Africa.