NCC Highlights Causes Of Data Depletion On Smartphone

TECH DIGEST – The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has highlighted the possible causes of data depletion being experienced by most Nigerian smartphone users.

In a short video clip on its social media page, the telecom regulator noted that causes of early or suspicious data depletion on smartphones include inadequate knowledge on data use, automatic updates of operating systems and applications and non-closure of running applications.

It added that the generation of network in use (latest generation of networks runs faster, with higher data consumption and better consumer experience, hence, data consumption is faster and higher.

To prevent early data depletion on smartphones, the Commission recommended that smartphone users should update app over Wi-fi connection only, disable mobile data and close apps when not in use and delete unused apps as they might be running despite not in use.

Other ways, according to NCC is to limit the use of data-hungry apps like Facebook, Instagram, disable auto downloads, especially for Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter apps.

It also advised users to turn off automatic updates for apps on mobile devices, use Wi-fi connection when possible to send videos, pictures and big files to minimize data consumption, cache Google maps for offline use, keep an eye on your apps and monitor time spent on social media and be mindful of the websites you visit, stressing that the more the pictures, videos or graphics on the site, the more data is consumed.