Nigerians will Regret If Pantami is Removed From Office – Ahmad Gumi

TECH DIGEST – Islamic cleric Ahmad Gumi has warned that Nigerians will regret it if communication minister Isa Pantami is removed from office, saying the minister is stabilising the government among a section of youth.

Mr Pantami has come under heavy pressure to resign or be sacked for alleged past public declaration of support for terrorist groups.

But Mr Gumi, a Kaduna-based Islamic preacher who has embarked on a self-imposed mediatory role between bandits ravaging parts of the North and the authorities maintained that Mr Pantami was not a terrorist sympathiser.

He said in an interview with Roots TV that the embattled minister was rather a nationbuilder who was working to attract other youths of his Iike to support the government.

“Show me, one person, he has killed?” Mr Gumi queried. “He has not killed anybody. He has not ordered the killing of anybody. The man is stabilising a government among a section of youth which we want them to come and join in nation-building.”

Gumi stated that Mr Pantami was a victim of wicked campaigns to remove him from office.

“And you people are fighting them. No. You should get more people like Pantami and put them in power. Don’t remove him. You’ll regret,” Mr Gumi warned.

The Islamic cleric’s stand tallies with that of the Nigerian presidency which claimed that Mr Pantami has not committed a grievous offence. Th Presidency insists Mr Pantami would not be sacked from office.