NITDA To Nigerians: Beware Of REIGN Spyware Stealing Your Data In Apple Devices

TECHDIGEST – The National Information and Technology Development (NITDA) has alerted Nigerians on REIGN, a spyware by Israeli QuaDream that targets iOS and other Apple mobile devices stealing users’ data.

QuaDream was founded in 2016 by Ilan Dabelstein, a former Israeli military official, and by two former NSO employees, Guy Geva and Nimrod Reznik. ‘Just like NSO, QuaDream sells a no-clicks-required exploit that hacks into iPhones and almost any other smartphone including Android ones without the need for phishing.’

The REIGN “functions in a manner similar to NSO Group’s Pegasus, granting its users full control of the device. Apple addressed the underlying defect in September 2021 and later sued NSO Group for abusing the exploit to attack iPhones with surveillanceware.

According to CERRT.NG, the cybersecurity arm of NITDA, the spyware exploits the zero-click vulnerability called ForcedEntry in iOS to take control of infected devices. ForcedEntry is a zero-click exploit used for targeting iPhone users.

“This vulnerability makes it possible for malicious software to be installed on a device without the user’s intervention. The victim doesn’t have to click on any link or download any application to facilitate the attack; the exploit works silently in the background”, said the CERRT.NG.

REIGN exploits a flaw in Apple’s software and exploiting the vulnerability in the iPhone’s iMessage app and other Apple Operating Systems (OS).

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The CERRT.NG has advised users of Apple devices to install the patched releases of iOS, IPadOS, macOS and watchos to checkmate REIGN as it has the capacity to take over recording, camera and microphone features in any infected Apple devices.

Also, the REIGN spyware can access contacts, emails, files, photos, and messages from instant messaging services like WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram.