Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami, Minister of Communication and Digital Economy
Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami, Minister of Communication and Digital Economy

Pantami: We All Have Our Dirty Stinking Past

By Abdullahi Haruna Haruspice

TECH DIGEST – A man who allegedly supported terror gangs is now using technology to wreck their Modus Operandi and we are fuming. Let him finish the job of helping us map a unified indigenous database then we can lead him to the gulag for his past atrocious sympathy for terror groups.

When you are too emotional to your tribe, belief and ideology you suffer the tragedy of parochialism. In life, moderate extremism should be the watchword especially when you have the target of presiding over the affairs of pluralism one day. Had Sheikh Isah Pantami remained solely an Islamic preacher, his unconscious and tacit sympathy for terror groups wouldn’t have fetched much interest like we now witnessed. The day he decided to extend his expertise and impact to the whole of humanity, the memories of his past disposition dangerously resurrects. Today, no one remembers his milestones in sanitizing the communication sector, his sparkling innovations in the sector is now buried in the furies of a past slight.

This Pantami storyx teaches one striking lesson; never be emotional when events happen- always tarry a while before you form your judgement no matter how enticing the urge. In life, emotional intelligence is very key in our aspirations. Who would have ever thought that those youthful motivated thoughts by Pantami will come hunting him today?

As for those all armed up calling for the head of Pantami, what exactly is your grudge? Aren’t we all emotionally attached to our beliefs that we look away when there is an infringement? The man just like us is a product of infallibility, he fell to the hubris of an ill- thought stance and like a honourable man, he has denounced his earlier opinion about the groups he once sympathized with. Time we move on and focus on what the man has brought to the table as a minister.

Indeed when they can’t touch who you’ve become, they try to dig up who you used to be. We all have our dirty stinking past jare. Judge Isah Pantami of today and leave his infantile past to rest in history. Jejely musing.

Abdullahi Haruspice writes from Lugbe, Abuja


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