President Joe Biden, US President
President Joe Biden, US President

Lawmakers Slam Biden Administration Over Huawei’s Intel AI Chip-Powered Laptop

Republican U.S. lawmakers have unleashed criticism against the Joe Biden administration following the recent unveiling of a laptop by Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, equipped with an Intel AI chip, Reuters reports.

The U.S. placed Huawei on a trade restriction list in 2019, citing violations of Iran sanctions and aiming to curb Beijing’s technological advancements. Suppliers to Huawei must obtain a challenging license before shipping goods to the company.

Despite expectations that a license allowing Intel to supply central processors to Huawei would expire, the unveiling of Huawei’s AI-enabled laptop fueled outrage among China hardliners, suggesting continued shipments under a preexisting license.

Republican Congressman Michael Gallagher expressed bewilderment over the Department of Commerce’s ongoing approval of U.S. technology shipments to Huawei. The Commerce Department and Intel declined to comment on the matter, while Huawei has yet to respond to requests for comment.

The Biden administration faces mounting pressure to counter Huawei’s technological ascent, as evidenced by its recent unveiling of a phone powered by a chip from sanctioned Chinese chipmaker SMIC.

Republican lawmakers urge a halt to approvals for Huawei, emphasizing the need for a change in policy.