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Social Media Usage: Brazil, Argentina Top Charts, as India, Germany, Nigeria See Lower Usage

By Kabir Abdulsalam

A recent survey by the Pew Research Center shows a surge in social media usage around the world, with several countries exceeding the global average.

The study, which compiled data from Spring 2022 and 2023, shows a global increase in social media usage, with several countries boasting impressive numbers.

While one might expect developed nations to dominate the rankings, some emerging economies are leading the charge. Nigeria, with a social media penetration rate of 55%, stands out alongside more established markets like Germany (51%) and India (47%).

The dominance continues across Africa, with Kenya matching the Netherlands at 64% penetration. This highlights the growing importance of social media on the continent, where it serves as a platform for communication, news, and commerce.

Europe demonstrates strong social media adoption as well, with countries like Poland (66%), France (67%), and Belgium (69%) showcasing high engagement rates. This trend extends eastward, with Hungary mirroring Belgium’s 69% penetration.

Interestingly, some developed economies like the United Kingdom (70%) fall slightly behind in overall social media usage compared to others on the list.

The report further reveals a surge in social media use in Southern Europe, with Spain (71%), Italy (71%), and Greece (73%) all boasting impressive numbers. This suggests a growing reliance on social media platforms for social interaction and information sharing in the region.
Beyond Europe and Africa, Asia paints a similar picture. Established economies like Japan (75%) and Canada (75%) find themselves matched by Indonesia (73%) and Malaysia (83%). This signifies the continent’s continued embrace of social media as a vital part of daily life.
The dominance extends further east, with South Korea (80%) and Singapore (80%) demonstrating exceptionally high social media penetration rates. This aligns with the region’s tech-savvy population and their constant digital engagement.

Topping the charts are Argentina (85%) and Brazil (86%), where social media appears to be deeply ingrained in society. These numbers highlight the importance of these platforms for communication and cultural exchange in South America.

The Pew Research Center’s report provides valuable insights into the global social media landscape. It underscores the increasing role these platforms play in connecting people across borders and cultures, while also revealing some unexpected leaders in social media adoption.

Use social media sites:

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???????? Germany: 51%
???????? Nigeria: 55%
???????? Netherlands: 64%
???????? Kenya: 64%
???????? Poland: 66%
???????? France: 67%
???????? Belgium: 69%
???????? Hungary: 69%
???????? UK: 70%
???????? Spain: 71%
???????? South Africa: 71%
???????? Italy: 71%
???????? Greece: 73%
???????? Indonesia: 73%
???????? Canada: 75%
???????? Japan: 75%
???????? Sweden: 78%
???????? Israel: 78%
???????? Mexico: 78%
???????? South Korea: 80%
???????? Singapore: 80%
???????? Malaysia: 83%
???????? Argentina: 85%
???????? Brazil: 86%