Nigeria’s SoftTalk Messenger introduces chat, calls without sharing phone number

Privacy redefined – Sharing your phone number on chatting platforms can expose you to unwanted spam, potential security breaches, and even compromise your identity.

Anyone in an individual or a group chat can see your phone number. But don’t worry, you can use SoftTalk Messenger that doesn’t require a phone number. It gives you the best of both worlds, the freedom to communicate with anyone and everyone, and the security of keeping your phone number private, says CEO, SoftTalk Messenger Simple Azenabor, a Nigerian developer based in Japan.

SoftTalk Messenger allows you to connect effortlessly with your friends, school mates, and family by using your @username, eliminating the need to share your phone numbers. This feature provides privacy for your phone number, particularly in group chats. To add friends you simply search by their Unique SoftTalk @USERNAMES or Names to start a conversation and make encrypted HD audio and video calls.

It is possible for a user to turn off and on his profile from  the SoftTalk directory if he prefers not to be discovered in a public search for a complete world of his own. Helping you to communicate with friends safely and privately

SoftTalk Messenger is a Nigeria’s Messaging app for Africans & the world. It enables users to buy and sell products and services in a marketplace, post stories, chat, make audio / video calls as well as pay utilities bills & buy low cost data & prepaid mobile airtime in Nigeria with plans to expand to other African countries in the near future. Users can make extra income by reselling Data and airtime to their friends right from within the app.

Messages are encrypted and transferred over a secure channel and use standard encryption algorithms: RSA-2048, RC4+ making sure that only the receiver of the message is able to read it. SoftTalk Messenger accommodates a total of 500,000 participants in a single group, and members can share media and large files.

According to Simple Azenabor, there is no doubt that Nigerians and indeed Africans are hungry for a new technology and need something different that can be called our “own” . It is my wish to see Nigerians use and encourage an indigenous solution built by one of us to grow our own.

The android version of the app was first introduced to Nigerians in late 2018 in the presence of the delegates from the NCC officials and the Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Raufu Mohammed represented by a Director General in the ministry.

SoftTalk Messenger has been bootstrapping and exploring various technologies in order to strengthen its backend infrastructure to build a secure and scalable system.

Today, SoftTalk Messenger  is available on both android, web and the Apple iOS platforms with support of about 16 languages including French and can be downloaded on google and apple stores.

Angelina BODE

Contact: [email protected]