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Tech Startups

Software firms to launch N10m prize campaign for entrepreneurs

TECHDIGEST – StartWeb, a technology startup, and Plaqad, a software company, have collaborated to launch a N10m prize campaign for African entrepreneurs.

According to a statement, the campaign will be on social media and is tagged ‘#ThatOneThingie’.

The companies described the campaign as a platform for entrepreneurs to articulate a particular challenge they have faced in business.

StartWeb’s Co-founder, Thabo Ledimo, said, “I’ve founded several startups and continue to face one challenge or the other.

“We are not by any means a super company or on our way to unicorn status yet; but we do not want to wait until we have become really successful before we help our community.”

According to the statement, the prize pool will give G-Suite subscriptions, Plaqad software, StartWeb software, free business incorporation, legal services, public relations support, free domain names, ISP, and other benefits to up to 50 entrepreneurs who demonstrate a passion for their business, commitment to their ecosystem, and can articulate lacking resources that their respective businesses need to thrive and succeed.

StartWeb’s Co-founder, Kelvin Orifa, said, “African businesses face a lot of challenges, most of which their counterparts in Europe and America cannot relate with.

“We are starting this programme as a way to not just bring global attention to these issues, but to also play our part, no matter how small, in fixing them and helping as many people as we and members of our community can.”

They added that the programme would run from December 22, 2021 to January 23, 2022.