Students Create Educational App, Target Job Creation in Kano, Kaduna, Kogi

TECH DIGEST – A team of university students, graduates andaacademics leaders across various tertiary institutions in Nigeria has launched an initiative to create job opportunities for many Nigerian students and skillful youths.

The initiative which was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) under the name; “HOS TUTORS NIGERIA”, revolves around using mobile application and internet technology to enable schools, parents and individuals get subject masters or craftsperson (for vocational skills) near them in the most convenient way.

Speaking to Arewa Agenda on the initiative, the Co-founder, Mr. Sule Matthew explained that the platform works by simply taking application from prospective tutors, screen them carefully with academic and industry leaders, verify the identities of the prospective tutors and subsequently assign them to prospective learners whenever a request is placed for a tutor.

“When assigning prospective tutors to prospective learners, our system is guided by three main paremeters: one, the proximity (nearness) of the tutor to the learner (in cases of physical classes), secondly, learner’s specifications – in terms of gender, learning objective and budget and third, matching conveniences – Both tutors and learners must have a shared (same) convenient time to deliver and receive lessons respectively.” Matthew explained.

Speaking on the scope of the project, Mr. Sule Matthew explained that the project would be covering the 36 states in Nigeria and the FCT. He however added that in their first 6 months of operation, they shall be pivoting with only 3 states; Kaduna, Kano and Kogi.

Various stakeholders have applauded the initiative.

Mrs. Rose Okpanachi, the proprietress of GREDO School, Anyigba, Kogi state on one occasion of a visit by the HOS TUTORS team to her school, opined that the initiative is revolutionary and has come very handy for many school owners as she lamented the severe shortage of teachers that schools are facing following the long COVID-19 break.

HOS Tutors Nigeria operates under the leadership and supervision of academic and industry leaders serving on her Business Advisory Board (BAB) and a frontline team made up of the founders and employees. At the downline (community based) there are agents (HOS agents) in different communities to help users address some minor technical and other users related challenges.

Then the TUTORS which is divided into : 1. Online Tutors (Netors) 2. School Tutors (Schetors ) and 3. Home Tutors (Hutors) (depending on where the tutor teaches)

Qualified and interested individuals who are willing to teach any school subject(s) or vocational skill(s) should click on the link to get started.

Parents, schools and individuals can also visit the above link to start getting tutors for their children, their schools and themselves respectively, the co-founder explained.