L-R: unyime Harrison, Silas Ozoya, Adaku Ekwueme
L-R: unyime Harrison, Silas Ozoya, Adaku Ekwueme

SUBA Capital Emerges Top 10 Finalists At MarkHack 3.0
By Abbas Badmus,

SUBA Capital, a burgeoning fintech platform, has recently emerged as one of the top ten finalists at MarkHack 3.0.

This prestigious event, organized by the Eko Innovation Center, is a significant milestone in the fintech industry, showcasing the most innovative and promising technology startups in the region.

Held in Lagos, MarkHack 3.0 brought together a diverse array of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders.

SUBA Capital’s recognition as a top ten finalist highlights the platform’s commitment to revolutionizing financial technology and its potential to make a substantial impact in the fintech space.

SUBA Capital’s achievement at MarkHack 3.0 underscores its innovative approach and dedication to advancing financial solutions in Nigeria and beyond.

As one of the leading finalists, SUBA Capital continues to build on its momentum, aiming to drive financial inclusion and deliver state-of-the-art fintech solutions to its growing user base.

Key Features of SUBA Capital

High-Yield Savings: SUBA Capital offers members the opportunity to earn significant returns on their co-saved funds. This feature makes saving not only accessible but also highly rewarding, encouraging more individuals to save.

Low-Ticket Investments: Traditionally, investment opportunities are often reserved for high-net-worth individuals, leaving out those with limited means.
SUBA Capital democratized these opportunities, allowing even modest investors to participate and grow their wealth.

Micro-Capital Access: One of the platform’s most impactful features is its provision of micro-capital to entrepreneurs and small holder farmers.

This access to funding can be a game-changer for individuals who need capital to start or expand their businesses or agricultural activities.

The Impact of SUBA Capital

SUBA Capital’s innovative approach to financial inclusion is already making a significant impact. By providing access to financial tools and resources, the platform empowers its members to take control of their financial futures.

This empowerment is particularly significant for small holder farmers and entrepreneurs, who often face significant barriers to accessing capital.

Empowering Small Holder Farmers

Small Holder farmers play a crucial role in the agricultural sector, especially in developing countries. However, they often lack access to the financial resources needed to invest in their crops and livestock, improve yields, and increase income.

SUBA Capital’s micro-capital access feature addresses this gap by providing farmers with the necessary funding. This financial support can transform rural communities, reducing poverty and promoting sustainable agriculture.

Supporting Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

For budding entrepreneurs, access to capital can mean the difference between a great idea remaining a dream and becoming a thriving business.

SUBA Capital’s platform provides the financial backing necessary to turn entrepreneurial visions into reality.

By offering low-ticket investment opportunities and facilitating peer-to-peer lending, SUBA Capital helps business owners secure the funds they need to start and grow their businesses.

The Visionary Team Behind SUBA Capital

The success of SUBA Capital can be attributed to its dedicated and visionary team. Leading this innovative venture are three dynamic individuals:

Silas OZOYA: A strategic business thinker with expertise in fund management, product management, and digital finance, Silas OZOYA has been instrumental in shaping the platform’s innovative features and ensuring its technical robustness.

Adaku Ekwueme: A seasoned Product Manager and Operations Chief who is an advocate for community empowerment, Adaku’s insights into peer-to-peer lending and co-investment have been crucial in tailoring the platform to meet the diverse needs of its membership.

Unyime Harrison: As a data analyst and dynamic leader with a deep understanding of the underserved microfinance landscape, Unyime’s passion for financial inclusion drives the strategic direction of SUBA Capital.

In conclusion, SUBA Capital’s emergence as a top ten finalist at MarkHack 3.0 by Eko Innovation Center is a testament to the innovative spirit and dedication of its team.



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