Subscriber Group Warns Members to Protect NIN-linked SIMs

TECH DIGEST – The National President, Association of Telephone, Cable TV & Internet Subscribers, Sina Bilesanmi, has adviced subscriber members with successfully linked National Identification Number-Subscriber Identification Number cards to protect such SIMs against security breaches.

In a statement signed by the president on Sunday, Bilesanmi noted that majority of subscribers were yet to realise that after successful linkage, involvement in any form of criminal activity or carelessness might mean untimely jail terms.

He therefore emphasised the need for Nigerians to protect their SIMs, adding that they would be responsible for the offense committed by another person using their SIMs.

He said, “If you have successfully linked your SIM card(s) with the NIN database, you must take note of the fact that you are now naked before the security agents! Protect your SIM card(s) from any security breach, even more than the way you protect your Bank Verification Number and Personal Identification Number.

“Please, note that if you misplace, or lose your BVN and PIN, the worse that can happen is for you to lose your funds with the bank(s). But, if you lose your telephone handset(s), and SIM card(s), you may end up in prison unknowingly!”

Bilesanmi advised members not to help people register their SIM cards, to be careful about giving people their phones to make calls, send texts or to sign into social media accounts.

He added that subscribers should not disclose any One Time Password sent by service providers to anyone, including their NINs.