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NCC Issues New Guidelines to Improve Telecom Customer Service in Nigeria

TECHDIGEST- The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has recently released new guidelines aimed at improving the quality of service and customer experience provided by telecommunication companies in Nigeria. In line with Section 57 of the NCC Act, the commission has allowed stakeholders to contribute to the policy.

The guidelines, titled “Draft Quality of Service Business Rules,” outline the minimum quality and standards of service, along with associated measurements and key performance indicators for evaluating service quality.

One of the key provisions in the guidelines is the requirement for telecom companies to promptly address customer concerns. Telcos are directed to attend to customers within 30 minutes of their arrival at any service center nationwide. The NCC also emphasized that customers should be able to speak with a customer care representative within five minutes when calling a telco’s helpline.

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The guidelines further stipulate that call waiting times should not exceed three rings, and if a live agent is unavailable within five minutes, customers should have the option to be called back within a maximum of 30 minutes.

Additionally, the NCC has granted telecom operators the authority to deactivate inactive subscribers on their networks after a period of six months of inactivity. If a subscriber’s line remains inactive for another six months, they may risk losing their number, except in cases where a network-related fault inhibits a revenue-generating event (RGE). However, subscribers have the opportunity to recover their lines by providing proof of a valid reason for their absence and by requesting line parking.

In terms of call alerts, telcos are required to provide a single short beep to the call initiator two minutes and 30 seconds prior to the termination of an ongoing call if a credit alert is received during the call. Furthermore, in situations where a call lasts less than 30 seconds, telcos are instructed to play a low credit announcement at the beginning of the call.

These new guidelines from the NCC aim to enhance the quality of telecom services in Nigeria, ensuring that customers receive timely assistance, inactive numbers are managed efficiently, and relevant alerts are provided during calls.