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TikTok Expands Family Pairing to Include Content Filtering

TECHDIGEST– TikTok is expanding its Family Pairing offering to include content filtering. This will allow parents to filter out videos with words or hashtags they don’t want their teens to see. The company says this will help reduce the likelihood of teens seeing content that they may find jarring.

The keywords that parents add will provide a personalized layer on top of TikTok’s Content Levels system, which already helps to keep content with more mature or complex themes from reaching audiences between ages 13-17.

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 TikTok says that it worked with experts on how to strike a balance between enabling families to choose the best experience for their needs while also ensuring they respect young people’s rights to participate in the online world.

In addition to content filtering, TikTok is also launching a global Youth Council later this year. This council will be made up of teens who will help the company listen to the experiences of those who directly use its platform and make changes to create the safest possible experience for its community.

TikTok has also been updating its screen time controls. In March, the app set every teen’s daily screen time to 60 minutes by default. Once teens reach this limit, they are asked to enter a passcode in order to keep scrolling.

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew was questioned on the tool’s inefficiency in a congressional hearing today before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. The exec was forced to admit that the company didn’t have data on how many teens were continuing to watch beyond the default limits. TikTok revealed today that almost three-quarters of teens choose to keep the limit.


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