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Twitter Shuts Down Offices Amid Mass Resignation Of Workers

TECHDIGEST – Few weeks of Elon Musk’s leadership at Twitter has thrown the social media company into chaos, culminating in a shutdown of its global offices on Thursday.

An email from the company informed employees that all Twitter offices globally are temporarily shut down and that the offices will be reopened on the 21st of November. The company did not give any reason for shutting down the offices.

Nairametrics understands that the shutdown came hours after a deadline for Twitter workers to officially sign on to Elon Musk’s new “extremely hardcore” plans for the company elapsed.

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According to reports, less than 50% of the company’s remaining 4,000 staff signed up to work under the new condition.

Mass resignation

Since the mass sacking of 3,700 by Musk took effect, more of the company’s staff have willingly resigned, forcing the company to take drastic measures.

Between yesterday and today, there have been mass resignations from Twitter. Many of the company’s now ex-staff took to the microblogging site to announce their exits. The development has led to Twitter users expressing concern that the company may soon collapse.

In the past few days, different hashtags relating to Twitter have been trending, including RIPTwitter and GoodbyeTwitter.

Source: Nairametric