Why PR Experts Need These Apps to be on Top of Their Game

by Kabir Abdulsalam

TECH DIGEST – It often feels like the working days isn’t long enough. Writing is paramount for a public relations professionals, whether press release or case study projects these can be monumental tasks. Numerous responsibilities ahead to accomplish, with this, PR pros must maintain strong connections with their clients, understand their companies inside and out and stay on top of trends in their industry via social listening platform, you can get these from my previous article.

Thankfully, a lot of tech tools can help you get equipped with the right public relations tools that can ensure your efficiency without forgetting any important tasks or any possible threats to the brand you represent.

Getting these few apps on your phone can help you prepare for whatever situation. It either free apps or paid apps but having these app will turn your day blossom.

I will be outlining some useful PR tools that every PR Pros should have on their phone that will help prevent a crisis and help you structure your day.

1. Google News Alerts

Google News Alerts is a free tool that sends real-time updates about media mentions and press coverage. I like it because it also captures any negative mention or sentiment.
Just input the right keywords on your niche it’s help to identify the source of an issues.

2. Todoist/Trello

We have limited things our memories can store, the Todoist app provides a great way for PR executives stay organized and track everything that needs to be done, both personally and professionally. Its running list is simple to use and there is no need to overcomplicate it with deadlines and colors.

You can create a specific project to-do list or just have one giant to-do list. Create tasks and then add checklists and details within the tasks. Another benefit to Trello, is the mobile app. You can update lists on the go. Additionally, you can invite your team or manager to view the list, helping you to stay aligned

3. Google Drive or Dropbox for Cloud Storage

Another app to add to your list of PR tools is Dropbox or Google Drive. I could remember some PR pros losing significant files, contact from there phones.Having backups of our files is really important in case our laptop breaks or is stolen. Meanwhile, having our files in the cloud means we can access our documents wherever. In the event of a catastrophe, you’ll have easy access to your files.

4. Muck Rack

I decided to include this great app though not a free app. It helps clients and agencies need them to demonstrate and analyze the effectiveness of their efforts, but they’re time-consuming to create. Muck Rack offers tools that make reporting easier and have media databases you can mine to create connections with journalists that will help you achieve your PR goals. it verifies journalists who are using social media to enhance their stories, and analyzes what journalists are talking about online.

5. Notes

The Notes app offers a quick and efficient way to jot down a thought or a to-do list when I’m on the go and provides easy access later. If used correctly, it will help you stay organized and efficient. Notes’ innovative features, such as the ability to share and send notes if needed, will help you stay on top of things right in the palm of your hand.

6. Twitter

There are useful paid apps such as BuzzSumo and Babbler, but a free tool that is often overlooked is Twitter. Many journalists do not make their email addresses public, and Twitter is a great way to make the first connection. It’s also a wonderful tool to keep on top of what is trending, which can help you find and develop new angles for your pitches. – Brian Meert, AdvertiseMint

7. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

For Randy Shattuck, insights that using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to track accounts, understand staffing changes, look for decision makers and create an overall company profile. Most organizations like to post about their company on LinkedIn, and LISN is a great tool for predicting account needs before a client even requests help.

8. Grammarly for Writing

There are few elements that are as important to your press release as spelling and grammar. Such careless mistakes appear unprofessional — and could mean the bitter end for your release.

This tool makes it easy by giving you helpful suggestions for spelling and grammar — and keeping a running tally of mistakes so that you always know where you stand. It also integrates with most writing programs and apps.

9. Slack

Slack is a lifesaver for our team. Most of the project management apps we’ve tried are better suited to marketing projects with multiple moving pieces and longer deadlines. Slack is a great way for our team to connect quickly, have real-time conversations and be aware of all the fast-moving changes that inevitably happen in PR. It also saves our email inboxes from being cluttered with chatter. – April Margulies, Trust Relations

10. Join.me/ Skype or Zoom for virtual meetings:

A good meetings app is another important addition to your online PR toolkit. Many PR pros have meetings on a daily basis. Join.me ,Skype and zoom are both good options. One benefit of Join.me is you’re able to ‘dial in’ meaning users can call from their mobile (if they’re lacking WIFI). In addition, you can view and present content within the app.

11. StayFocusd/ RescueTime:

StayFocusd is digital tools that allows your to stay focused but not available for Android. Alternatively, app that features similar functionality is RescueTime, which is free.
On this platform, you can choose the exact apps or websites that you know distract you the most, and block them from whichever device you’re working from, or all of your devices, for a set period of time. Many people say they feel their freshest and most productive first thing in the morning. We challenge you to block all distracting apps from 8 a.m – 12 p.m. Try it for a week and realise and how addicted we are to social media, checking notifications and message.

12: Answer the Public:

No matter how pergect your press releases is written if no one reads it. People will read your story only if it interests them and touches their lives. So what can you do to make your news more appealing, short of reading minds?

This free tool will tell you what is on people’s minds by telling you the most common things that they’ve searched for on Google. This can be a great way to make your press release more relevant to your target audience.
It can also give you a guide on keyword that is peculiar to your content and see what people are asking or searching for on search engines — and incorporate that information into your release.

Download these public relations tools to ensure you’re working smarter. These apps will help you reduce the time it takes you to do daily tasks and ensure you’re equipped to deal with anything wherever you are.

Kabir ABDULSALAM is manager Spokespersons Digest and Prnigeria staff writer

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