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Apple- iphone

Apple Shifts to USB-C for New iPhone

TECH DIGEST- Apple Set to Embrace USB-C for Upcoming iPhone Release, Aligning with EU Charging Standard. Apple’s upcoming iPhone, scheduled for unveiling on September 12, is poised to adopt a USB-C charging port, marking a significant departure from the firm’s proprietary Lightning connector.

While most Apple devices, including the latest iPads, have already made the transition to USB-C, this move for the iPhone aligns with a European Union directive mandating a common charging standard for phones by December 2024, aimed at reducing consumer costs and electronic waste.

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Notably, Apple had previously opposed the EU regulation, contending that such strict mandates inhibit innovation rather than fostering it, potentially harming consumers worldwide. However, the tide appears to have shifted, with the company embracing the USB-C standard for its forthcoming iPhone release.

While Apple’s Lightning to USB-C adapters are already available, this shift suggests that the era of the Lightning cable, which retails for £19 on the Apple store, may be drawing to a close. It remains unclear whether this change will be exclusive to the European market or if Apple will implement it globally, but the move reflects the broader industry trend towards standardized charging solutions for greater convenience and sustainability.