10 Best Islamic Apps Every Muslim Must Have In 2021
by Muhammad AbdurRahman

TECH DIGEST – Our lives have become much easier with the help of technology and mobile apps. Not only have these apps made our tasks easier and less time-consuming, but they have also helped broaden our knowledge base.

So why not in religious affairs as well?

Apps are a good way to increase your knowledge regarding your religion and listen to useful lectures and podcasts while on your way to work or back home. There are countless religious apps present in the app store; however, not all of them are worth your mobile’s space.

Some apps are often full of bugs or have inaccurate information. With the help of some research, we have gathered a list of the 10 best Islamic App that you must have on your phone to keep yourself on the right track and get benefited from them throughout your day.

Let’s have a look at the 10 best Islamic apps that will help you in 2021:

1. Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro, available both on Android and Apple app store, is an excellent app to stay connected with prayers and duas. With the help of convenient notifications, you can check prayer timings no matter where in the world you are present.

Other than prayer timings, you can also check Qibla directions, read Quran in Arabic text, and read translations as well. The app also helps in identifying halal restaurants as well as mosques near your location. This app is incredible for Muslims living in a non-Muslim country to keep track of locations and A’daan timings.

2. Islam 360

Islam 360 is an interesting app that includes several features, including Quran, Surah categories, Parah listing, and translations. Using Islam 360, you can enjoy reading Quran with word-to-word translation in the Urdu language.

The app also lets you highlight, bookmark your favorite or add an additional note on a specific page. With Islam 360 you can search for words in Quran, simply type the word in Arabic, and you will be redirected to that Ayat.

This is an uncommon feature and is very useful to find specific words or ayahs in Quran.

3. Muslim and Quran

Muslim and Quran are an excellent app for Muslims around the globe with its amazing list of features.

The app helps you track prayer timings as well as Qibla directions. You can read Quran and duas on Muslim and Quran and also access the lunar calendar to check Islamic months. Some of the features of Muslim and Quran are mentioned below:

Prayer notifications
Complete Holy Quran
Authentic Quran Tafseer
Hadith Collection
Fasting timings
Prayer Timings

4. Salam Planet App

Salam Planet app is a unique app made for Muslims around the world and currently has services for people living in Denmark, Norway, Pakistan, and the UK. The app comes under the category of lifestyle as well as is a marketplace for Muslims.

The aim of the Salam Planet app is to connect urban Muslim consumers with relevant businesses targeting Muslims living across the globe.

Salam Planet focuses on the following aspects:

Social community
Event ticketing

5. Quran and Tafsir by Quran Academy

Quran and Tafsir by Quran Academy is an excellent app that helps you understand Quran and its meaning in detail. With the help of the Quran and Tafsir, you can access word by word meaning in different languages.

Some of the prominent features of the app are:

Quran memorization mode

List scrolling and mushaf mode of reading
Bookmarking and sharing ayahs
Word by word translations in languages including English, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Ingush, Indonesian

6. Dua & Zikr

Dua and Zikr is an app for supplications and duas that you can read throughout the day. The app has a big collection of different duas related to daily day-to-day activities, from day to night.

Different topics include dua for leaving the house, entering the washroom, going to the mosque, seeking guidance, etc. there are over 326 duas in the app from Quran and Sunnah along with translation as well as transliteration. You can also change the font size according to your preference. You can also share audio files with friends.

7. Never Miss Fajr

A lot of Muslims around the world struggle to wake up for Fajr. Never Miss Fajr is an app that is made to help you wake up for Fajr. Although it may seem like an alarm clock, the difference between an alarm clock and this app is the snooze button. To turn off the alarm, you have to
Answer 5 Islam-related questions to turn off the alarm.
Shake the app 20 times.

8. Islamic GPS

Islamic GPS is an incredible app for people who are traveling to famous historical sites. All you have to do is open up the camera, rotate it 3600 to find the nearest mosques or any famous Islamic heritage place. The app is also interesting because it provides complete information, including the location guide as well so it is like your personal tour guide.

For Muslims who are interested in knowing more about famous architectural places, Islamic GPS is a useful app.

9. OnePath Network

OnePath Network app is a good way to find Islamic motivation and discover more about Islam through scholars. The app has a vast range of content, including the latest videos on spirituality, education, news, the Quran, the Prophet, society, or history, and much more.

Moreover, the app also features local azan times & alerts, and you can also customize settings according to your prayer alert preference.

10. Hadith Collection

If you are looking for an app with authentic Hadiths, Hadith Collection is an app with over 40000 authentic hadiths. The app includes Hadith grade, including Sahih, Hasan, Daif, etc. you can also easily search for Hadith based on keyword searching.

The app also has an adjustable font size for both Arabic and translation through the pinch zoom feature. Moreover, you can enjoy Hadith of the day daily for one Hadith to focus on daily.

Author’s Bio:
Muhammad AbdurRahman is a Computer Scientist with a passion for writing, Mobile Application Development and UI/UX Design and anything tech-related. His educational background in the technical field has given him the edge to write on many technology and computer software related topics. He occasionally writes blog articles for Muslim and Quran.


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