Best Machine Learning Mobile Application You Can Download

By Abbas Badmus

TECH DIGEST – Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning breakthroughs have paved the way for today’s mobile applications. Apps that use AI can now recognize speech, images, and gestures, as well as translate voices with high accuracy. With so many apps reaching the app stores, it’s critical that they stand out from the crowd by satisfying escalating consumer expectations.

As a result, the way we engage with our mobile devices is changing. Our smartphones and tablets are now powerful enough to run real-time learning and reaction software. This has paved the way for several interesting applications.

In this article, we will look at some of the best mobile apps for AI and machine learning.


Wysa is a user-friendly chatbot that aims to promote mental health and emotional resilience. Users can use the app to arrange their ideas and reflect on their own feelings and inclinations. The app tracks your daily mood and factors in your life that influence your mood each week by simply texting or answering MCQs with Wysa.

The app may also be used as a daily planner, sending you notifications to keep you on target throughout the day. There are also several alternatives within the app to exercise mindfulness, meditation, and anger or irritation management. You can ask Wysa questions or discuss your difficulties with it.


One of the most well-known examples of Machine Learning in mobile apps is Netflix. Everyone nowadays is aware of what it is. The content on Netflix is organized by genre, actors, reviews, length, year, and other factors. All of this data is fed into machine learning algorithms.

Netflix’s machine learning algorithms learn from a user’s behavior. For instance, you saw the first episode of a new series yesterday and didn’t think it was very good, so you won’t watch the second. Netflix recognizes that you dislike this type of show and excludes it from the suggestions based on your behavior. To give highly tailored content, machine learning algorithms adapt to a user’s activity.

Diet Diary

Diet Diary is the best app for people looking for diet or meal planning solutions. It is by far one of the most simple applications on this list. Diet Diary is also a lot of fun to play with if you’re just curious about what computer vision can achieve. The app can predict what food or drink you’re eating or drinking by taking images of it in or out of its box and telling you how many calories it contains in a couple of seconds.

When snapping images of food without packages or wrappers, the app usually performs better. The app will log the picture, meals, and calories in your diet diary for each day when you remove inaccurate food labels and choose the amount of each food.


It’s well-known as a dating app that helps you find your partner. Tinder uses a variety of spells and remedies to find you a perfect match, one of which is machine learning. The formula is known as smart photos, and it boosts the likelihood of a user discovering a match.

This feature uses machine learning to show people your profile images in a randomized fashion and analyses how often they’re swiped right or left. Tinder can use this data to arrange your photographs, putting the most popular ones first. This system is constantly fine-tuning itself, and the rate of development is determined by the amount of input received; the more, the better. You’ll get excellent results and find your soulmate in no time- this way.


The next mobile app is a dream come true for people who can’t seem to break their procrastinating habit or are looking for a machine learning productivity app idea. ImprompDo enables users to complete tasks without having to adhere to strict schedules.

The app discovers a perfect mean between your to-do list and available time. It selects appropriate times for you to do the required chores. Machine learning allows the app to discover appropriate times to display push alerts.

However, in order for this app to function properly, you must use it for a period of time and allow it to learn your time management habits. It will track your whereabouts and what you’re doing. The smartphone app can even help you prioritize your to-do list.

Enjoy these machine learning mobile apps by downloading them.


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