Abuja residents on Thursday expressed divergent views, including outright condemnation of the emergence of sex dolls in the metropolis, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

Some of the residents who spoke to NAN, however, argued that the sex dolls came at the right time to curb the rate of promiscuity and infidelity among married couples.

They also claimed that it would stem the spread of sexually transmitted infections now on the increase.

However, others have described the lifeless human sized, mostly feminine dolls, as satanic invention fashioned to pollute the minds of the younger generation and a bad development.

NAN reports that the doll is a type of sex toy built with silicon jell materials in the size and shape of a sexual partner, fashioned to aid in masturbation.

The sex doll usually consists of an entire body with human face, or just a head, pelvis or other partial body parts with the accessories like vagina, anus and mouth, for sexual stimulation.

The parts sometimes vibrate and could be removed or interchanged.

Some of the first sex dolls were invented by Dutch sailors in the 17th century who were isolated at sea during long voyages.

Then the dolls were made of sewn cloth or old clothes and were a direct predecessor to today’s sex dolls.

Similarly, an urban legend holds that during the World War II, Adolf Hitler charged one of his commanders to design sex dolls for German soldiers, to prevent them from slaking their lust with non-Aryan women.

Later development saw Silicone dolls made from tin-cure silicone with platinum technology that enhanced better longevity, less prone to tears and compression marks.

Mr Emmanuel Friday, a furniture maker, said sex doll was a well thought out idea considering the various sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies that had become common among sexually active persons.

“If I have a sex doll and have sex with her, I will not be afraid of contracting HIV or making the doll pregnant; I will enjoy myself without thinking about those negative consequences.

“It will also make some ladies who are arrogant and selfish to begin to humble themselves before their men because they now have a competition.

“For me, I think the sex doll is a good idea in this age of high rate of sexual immorality,’’ Friday said.

Mr Timothy Kuje, a civil servant, said that sex dolls could contribute to the reduction of rape in the society.

He stressed that instead of taking advantage of innocent little girls and older women in the society, it would be better to have one of those dolls to “cool the sexual pressure.’’

Kuje, however, said “with sex doll it will be bye-bye to all those unfaithful girls that can even kill their men out of jealousy.

“We have heard of how women, created by God, are maltreating and killing their husbands; but these dolls cannot do that; instead, they are always there for you.

“The doll will not be unfaithful, nag and hate your family members like real women do. Once bought, it will not demand money for anything.

“This will enable you to save more money to accomplish some projects to better your life and that of your siblings,’’ Kuje said.

Meanwhile, Mr Ikenna Amanze, a journalist, said introduction of female sex dolls was amounted to a contention against the omnipotence of God.

“Sex doll is pure nonsense; they are made of materials and subject to deterioration and breakage.

“I suspect that some of the dolls may be infused with a demonic substance that may cause lot of damages and harm to subscribers than it intends to solve.

“Instead of buying sex doll, I can use the money to build a house in my village or carry out other better projects to help me and my family,’’ Amanze stressed.

Mrs Pepertua Okonkwo, a house wife, alleged that female sex dolls were created for sexual perverts by evil people that were against God’s plan for humanity.

“Having sex with a lifeless object such as a sex doll reduces the man to the level of that object, the act is degrading and reduces one’s integrity.

“Dolls are lifeless, thereby having sexual act with dolls such as “masturbation’’ is against the teachings of God.

“Sex dolls have the tendency of polluting the minds of the younger generation to make them view sexual act different from God’s initial plans for man.

Mrs Ijeoma Ndubuisi, a young mother of one and civil servant, said a man that would go for sex with a doll was less than a man.

Ndubuisi added that such a man lacked courage to win the heart of a lady or a woman.

“Sex has become so liberal to the point that most ladies will accept peanuts to offer sex to any man that can afford to pay.

“I hear that the price of a single sex doll is about N800,000. Such amount of money can get any man many women to have sex with,’’ Ndubuisi said.

Miss Matilda Idoko, an undergraduate, said that sexual engagement with sex dolls could only create unhealthy addiction and false feelings of sexual pleasure.

According to her, such a man will always want to go back to the doll to engage in sexual intercourse.

“It can lead to situation where the man may not want to have anything to do with a real woman. The person will not see natural sex as something beautiful.

“God’s plan for man and woman is to enjoy sex to the fullest, but these sex dolls are created to cause a diversion of God’s plan for us.

“With sex dolls, humanity is doomed, because there will be no procreation which is the original plan of God for us,’’ Idoko said.

However, from the religious angle, Mr Felix Ajide, the Coordinator of NAN Christian Fellowship, said “sex doll is demonic and evil”.

“It is not in line with what God has created. The moment we are trying to replace what God has created then it is a sin.

“The Bible says if we cannot exercise self control then we should marry, but not to sex doll, machine or animal. In fact, the Bible says we should stone such people to death.

“This has contributed to the pollution of the minds of many and lead to high rate of rape, kidnapping and all sorts of activities that are not in line with God’s plan for mankind.

“Society should have a rethink and go back to God. Humans should have self control and avoid being taken away by the false passion for sex dolls that do not glorify God,’’ Ajide said.

Similarly, Malam Dalhatu Ahmed, the Chief Imam of NAN Mosque said “sex doll is haram.’’

According to him, it is demonic and contributes to the high rise of lesbianism, gay and other forms of sexual perversion in the society.

“Almihgty Allah is against all forms of sexual perversions. Sex dolls should not be encouraged because the Creator is against it.

“Allah’s plan for mankind is for man and woman He created to multiply and dominate the earth. Anything outside this, is a sin against Allah,’’ Ahmed said.

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