Glo Unveils Online School Management Tool

TECH DIGEST – Globacom has unveiled a new service designed to boost education in the country.

A statement by the company released in Lagos, described the Glo Smart Learning Suit as veritable platform for online education, as it facilitates teaching and learning as well as school management.

The company in the statement entitled ‘Glo Smart Learning Suite facilitates online school management, learning’ said the learning suite included the Enterprise Resource Planning and Learning Management System.

“The Glo Smart Learning Suite is a customisable platform, which offers rich features including live classes, online tests and examinations, performance reporting, course registration and blended learning.

“The platform will be customised for schools with their specified look and feel (colours and logo) at zero cost to each school and help students whose educational institutions are shut due to COVID-19 pandemic to fulfill their educational needs,” Glo added.

The telecom said students of public and private primary and secondary schools, tertiary institutions and working profesmsionals who needed to enhance their capabilities could leverage the tool.

The benefits of the service, according to Globacom, include bundled free access to the learning portal for students and teachers, full-feature platform, ability to learn from anywhere, live classes, performance reporting, access for parents and students, live test and examinations, chat services and video conferencing, among others.

The telecoms company added that the new product would enhance learning and skill development that was key to the future development of youths.