Google Introduces Generative AI for Workspace

TECH DIGEST- Google has announced the introduction of a generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) model to enhance users’ smart compose, replies, and summaries in the workspace. Johanna Voolich Wright, Vice President of Product, Google Workspace, noted that AI had been instrumental in creating products that had become essential to people’s lives.

Generative AI is an artificial intelligence model capable of generating text, images, audio, and video by predicting the next word or pixel.

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Wright revealed that advances in AI across Google’s productivity suite had already helped three billion users save time with Smart Compose and Smart Reply, generating summaries for Docs, making meetings look more professional, and protecting users from malware and phishing attacks.

The introduction of generative AI in workspace enables users to connect and collaborate in new ways. The company has begun introducing AI-powered writing features in Docs and Gmail to trusted testers.

Google is committed to building safeguards against abuse, respecting the privacy of user data, and adhering to customer controls for data governance while incorporating AI into its products. Workspace’s goal is to meaningfully connect people, enabling them to create, build, and grow together. The company is sharing its vision for the future of workspace, which includes AI as a collaborative partner across its suite of products, such as Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Meet, and Chat.