First AI-generated Virtual Singer 'Ann'
First AI-generated Virtual Singer 'Ann'
Vietnamese AI Studio Introduces First Virtual Singer to the Public
TECHDIGEST- Vietnam’s BoBo studio has unveiled Ann, the world’s first virtual singer. Ann was developed using artificial intelligence algorithms and sound effects.
BoBo Dang, the founder of BoBo Studio, said that they went through many stages to create the desired effect, such as selecting the tone for the vocal and combining digital recreation with studio techniques. They also used natural human sounds like breathing to make Ann sound real.
According to local media reports, Vietnam’s creation of Ann is not new for countries like South Korea, Japan, and the United States.
The studio stated that Ann’s advantages include a lower risk of issues like private life or scandals and the ability to perform and tour continuously without worrying about health, age, and skills. Last year, two virtual singers, Damsan and Michau, performed at the HCMC International Music Festival through hologram presentation, according to the reports.