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Google Play App Store 38.8 Unleashes New Feature


TECH DIGEST- Google has rolled out version 38.8 of the Google Play App Store, introducing a game-changing feature that allows users to remotely delete applications from devices linked to the same account. This significant enhancement provides users with a comprehensive toolset for managing their app ecosystem across various devices, including PCs, car systems, smartphones, televisions, and smartwatches.

Until this release, users could remotely install applications on connected devices but lacked the corresponding option to delete them remotely. With the new version of Google Play, this gap has been addressed, empowering users to exercise control over their app installations effortlessly. The updated store interface offers a clearer presentation of all installed apps in a user-friendly list format.

The revamped interface introduces practical sorting options, such as organizing apps by size or grouping them by device. This proves particularly valuable for users managing apps on platforms like Android TV, Android Auto, or Wear OS, where interface variety may be limited. Additionally, the update streamlines the process of installing and uninstalling apps, whether users are navigating from their desktop or Android smartphone.

One noteworthy aspect is that while the ability to remotely remove applications has existed for some time, it was primarily in the hands of Google, often used to mass-remove malware from devices with Google Play installed. Now, users are granted the autonomy to wield this feature themselves, adding a layer of control and flexibility to their app management experience.