All you need to know about the recently launched Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme

TECHDIGEST – The Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme Designed to empower youths across the country, is an initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Rolling for 12 months, the programme seeks to resolve the issue of unemployment and underemployment among young graduates. The goal is to connect talented Nigerian youths with job opportunities in respectable organisations, also helping these organisations get the skills needed to scale.

The programme’s uniqueness stands at granting highly skilled Nigerians, with little or no work experience, access to work at the most sought-after private sector organisations on the market, opening them to a world of opportunities.


Clear pathways are available to Jubilee Fellows at the end of their active engagement in the fellowship

High performing Jubilee Fellows may go on to be retained by their respective host organisations

Fellows with interest in entrepreneurship would have garnered sufficient and competitive skills and knowledge on the job to face the world

Although Fellows cannot choose which organisation to be deployed to, they can choose a preferred location. They will be matched with host organisations, as well as those aligned to the organisation, based on their interests. All through the period, monthly stipends will be given to the Fellows.

Organisations joining the NJFP will receive the following benefits:

Cost savings – No HR agencies, advertising costs, lengthy triple-round interview process, or salary costs

Increased productivity – Access to a wide range of highly qualified candidates with cutting-edge skills relevant to your organisation. This will help increase your organisation’s productivity

Improved brand image – Boosting your corporate social responsibility work. By showing commitment to give back to the community engagement, the programme will contribute to a positive brand image for your organisation

Expanded network – You will be a part of the NJFP network of national, regional private and public sector entities and gain access to an expanded pool of experienced, employable young Nigerian expertise to draw from

Increased policy influence – Access to a national platform for deliberative public policy reform discussions on education, employment and relevant industry policy issues


The programme requires no advanced requirements from applicants, qualification does not determine the organisations involved, there are no limitations in terms of origin, individuals from the North, South, East and West can participate.

Also, the programme is open to recent Nigerian graduates from the university or other tertiary institutions of corresponding level not earlier than 2017. Completion of the NYSC programme is essential and the least results of applicants must be a second class lower.

The 12-month work opportunity would provide the jubilee fellows with an opportunity to acquire ‘on-the-job’ skills and gain work experience to improve employability and competitiveness for the job market.

How to apply

To achieve your goals, start by taking a step. Apply for Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme before the deadline on Wednesday, October 20, 2021.


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