Dr Isa Ali Pantami, Minister Of Communication and Digital Economy
Dr Isa Ali Pantami, Minister Of Communication and Digital Economy

Pantami and a rejuvenated Nigeria’s global digital image

By Hashim Suleiman

TECH DIGEST – The outing at the GITEX, 2020 in Dubai showcased clearly how much Pantami had been much ready for leadership and is simply showcasing it without stress. He looked the part, the show was classy and you had a semblance of a nation that was ready to communicate with the world as far as digital concerns are the matters.

One thing you can give to Pantami and could help you understand his person better is the fact that he understands the importance of media in all his activities. Let me tell you for free that America is as progressive as it is because of the greatness of their media, no one can know about what you’re doing no matter how great if you don’t showcase it to them. This also demonstrates an ability to recognize the importance of all sections of the society which is an important attribute of leadership.

You cannot help but come across the giant strides that are daily becoming realities. Everyone would be proud sharing such stories because they fit for real progressive strides. You would want to beam a searchlight on such a personality and equally disseminate it as a way of contributing to mentorship in the society, a virtue that we possess in the negative.

Some of us have since identified that with the appropriate appointment of capable individuals as well as respect for excellence, the job of fixing Nigeria was a very easy one because Nigeria has more than enough to advertise to the world, the only needed thing was for the people of the world to see seriousness, purpose and capacity. Pantami has used his appearances at international fora to showcase a renewed zeal and capacity for businesses and idea sharing with regards to the development of the digital policies of Nigeria that he superintends.

I watched with interest how the 2020 version of GITEX, Dubai finally gave a reason why every reasonable Nigerian youth would take Pantami and put him right in front for the purpose of future leadership. There was pump in the Nigeria’s stand, there was activities around the Startup Pavilions, there was pageantry that looked the part. It was simply a show of a serious nation that was ready to mingle among the world big players in the ICT Ecosystem.

Something worthy of note is the fact that Nigeria is the largest black nation on earth and as such every global event they attend, they are simply representing the black race and Nigeria did wonderfully well in blending and looking the part. We engaged, contributed to the topics discussed and by the leader of the delegation himself as well as other speakers.

There was some good investments in dollars that is coming in, there was a powerful meeting with the Dubai Silicon Oasis and there was clear seriousness and respect on the parts of the participants.

Such are the kinds of activities that could attract the much needed Foreign Direct Investment that was capable of placing the country on the path of critical growth, one which will provide employment opportunities to countless people. China is what it is today due to the patronage of the world. We need as much as can be attracted. Kudos Dr Pantami.

We have always insisted there must be conversations around our intent for growth and such conversation can only become meaningful with prospects when stories and strategies like those of Pantami are shared as case studies. The work we need does not need magic, it only takes knowledge and strategy. It needs work and more work to be put in and we need sustainability. Pantami has been running since he assumed office as DG, NITDA and even after the accumulation of more work, the energy looks good as ever.

This should encourage us to forge a front with a view to crystallizing to make the country we wish for ourselves. We have to identify the people with the KnowHow and give them responsibilities because it’s sure going to be a progressive outcome.

The discussion about Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence was the catch for me in the 2020 GITEX because they are the bedrock of commercial digitization. It affords nations and ventures to maximize revenue and its money you need to do every other endeavor. Nations and business need more money and money and such can only come through investments that were capable of remotely engaging a high number of individuals who can spend on it. Such investments are ICT, the telecom and data industry can never go broke because even in whatever situation, there would always be need for communication and data.

Kudos to Dr Pantami!

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