Pantami”s digital policies are the real deal, our pessimism and interests are the problem; a rejoinder to Shaka Momodu’s Thisday article

By Hashim Suleiman

TECH DIGEST – By their pseudo names and hidden identities, one will simply identify where such vituperations like the one posited by one Shaka Momodu through his article posted on Thisday newspaper of 1st January, 2020 are coming from. You would understand it to be related to the position of some mischievous industry players who’s interest is other than national interest. Such positions could also be of those who are hell bent on frustrating the emergence of the new class of politicians who don’t bow to mediocrity.

The writer pointed to why people would be asked to gather to pick up their NIN’s as if the minister ever mentioned such specific instruction in his press releases. Yes people must pick up their NIN’s and whether they prefer last minute rush for a policy that has been in existence for years is left for people like Shaka to be asked regarding how much they’ve done with their pens to help liberate the people into inculcating positive mindset and patriotism.

Shaka never also took his pen to write to the banks to stop people from going to the banks while observing the COVID-19 protocols. We never also saw him write when all the campaigns were going on in Lagos of recent and Ondo and Edo before then. Even the recently rescued over 300 students had to meet Mr President under strict COVID-19 protocols. The Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 has and is still issuing out these protocols for the adherence of the citizen, if such people choose to prefer last minute rush and equally evade the protocols, how is that an issue of Pantami?

The writer also pointed to BVN and the rest which are policies that have been there but may not even be as old as the NIN policy, the only thing missing on the NIN policy is to get implemented regardless of the works of mischief makers like Shaka and the realistically difficult Nigerians attitude to progressive policies. Not all Nigerians have bank accounts or drive but every Nigerian is expected to have a NIN and that must be achieved against all odds God’s willing.

He also went ahead to share a press statement issued by the NCC which in my opinion was typical of a regulatory body and which we encourage all other regulators to do like the NERC for electricity and others. But the writer felt it was issuing directives and threatening. What else did he want a regulatory body to do in a country with pessimist like him as citizens? Such questioning made his position to be suspicious towards being sponsored by some industry cabal whose interests are indeed other than national interest.

INEC usually opens up their voter card registration a year to two before elections but it is at the last hour of elections that Nigerians would start trooping in and complaining to the heavens about the inefficiency of INEC and one would continue to appreciate the difficulties that Nigerian policy makers go through especially very serious ones like Pantami.

For how long are we going to be playing cheap politics with every issue especially very serious ones. Why must we always take advantage of the innocent gullibility of some Nigerians and be spewing hate comments and pessimistic tendencies which would make them not supportive to government or viewing government as their enemies over attempts geared towards bettering their lots. We were in this country when months ago the National Assembly summoned the minister over sim registration as related to insecurity. Same Nigerians like Shaka pounced on the minister over something they know so little about it’s challenges.

The minister and his team have been up and doing regarding all the concerns of the senate and Nigerians, what’s missing is the needed support from some of the industry players like Shaka’s sponsors who are all about the profit and not the well being of the country. However, Pantami’s sincerity of purpose will defeat that with the help of God. When is ever going to be a Perfect time to initiate any policy in Nigeria? When will the mischief makers and naysayers ever allow Nigeria to prosper from efforts of professionals like Pantami?

These questions and the absence of their answers at the moment should spur Dr Pantami to ignore such barks and ride on as it’s only posterity that would vindicate him.

As for Shaka who wrote and refused to share his contact and identity, here’s mine below in case of opting up for a public debate on the matter. Regards

Hashim Suleiman can be reached via [email protected]