Perfect Press Releases Project Organisations, Wilson Uwujaren, Award-winning spokesperson reveals

TECH DIGEST – The spokesperson of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Wilson Uwujaren has said that good press releases can be used to effectively project organizations.

Recognised as an outstanding Press Release Writer in Nigeria by the Spokespersons Digest, Uwujaren said there is need for spokesperson to ensure that their releases are credible as false information could cost them the trust of the media.

In an interview with the Spokesperson Digest, Uwujaren who is a member of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), said press releases offer a spokesperson the opportunity to frame his or her messages and limits the likelihood of gaffes.

“The major factors to consider when writing press releases is to identify what you want to sell and how best do you intend to sell it. It is necessary to be direct and factual while writing the release.

Ensure that the most important message appear in the opening paragraph as editors often are impatient to go through your entire piece. Also, make sure there are quotes, for emphasis.

“A good press release writer is an editor’s delight. Because editors operate under pressure, they value press releases that not only offers them news but give them less hassles by way of editing.

“Grammatical errors are a put off. Information overload and verbosity are equally not healthy. The messaging should be concise and to the point, to avoid misrepresentation,” he said.

Read the full interview here: “How to Write the Perfect Press Release for Media Attention- Wilson Uwujaren, EFCC Spokesperson”

By PRNigeria