Science: Between Islamic Emirate of Dubai and Sokoto-Kano Emirates of Nigeria

TECHDIGEST – Religion is not our albatross in Nigeria. It has never been.

Recently, there is a short documentary about the Emirate of Dubai, an Islamic Emirate, State in all standards and its many disruptive and record-breaking technological/innovative strides, and compared it with similar Emirates in Nigeria. Definitely, our hearts must sink indespair.

Dubai is NOT a country . It is just one out of seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

UAE is an Islamic country which declared an independence from Britain in 1971.

Yet, Dubai is the fastest growing Science and ICT hub in the world. Yes, you read that correctly; in the world! You can see some of their young scientists in Arabic and Islamic gowns having a dialogue about championing the next frontiers in science and innovations.

Watching the documentary one must marvel at the unbelievable leaps in education, innovation and infrastructure achieved within 50years. Can the this Emirate be compared with the Sultanate of Sokoto and Emirate of Kano in Nigeria. The difference is more than 7UP but millions of mile a apart.

The Emirate of Dubai has singlehandedly launched two satellites into Space; launched its first Mars Exploration Spacecraft and had the innovative signature of a Dubai teenage girl on it. A teenager who dreams to be the first astronaut on Mars.

Dubai emirate currently has the largest number of foreign research scientists and ICT experts in the world.

This is a deeply culturally Islamic State prioritizing Science, Technology and Futurism and not tackling banditry and terrorism every day and night as it is in sections of Emirates in Nigeria.

Is the Islam.being practiced in Dubai different from the one being practiced in Nigeria.

While their religious practice (Islam) prioritizes innovations and science, the religion practice by Christians and Muslims in Nigeria Prioritise building of mega worshipping centres for flamboyant preachers who cruise in private jets.


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