Official Trailer: Sides in campus

NEWS DIGEST- A movie against drug abuse and drug addiction has premiered in Nigeria.

The movie which is written by Tayo Hamid Shittu, a student of Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto aims to enlighten young Nigerians on the hazard of improper use of drugs and addiction to drugs.

According to Hamid Shittu, the motivation to write the movie came from the urgent need to curb the increasing drug abuse and deaths from same.

“I am on a mission to make Nigerians understand the dangers of drug abuse especially our youths who are becoming addicted from time to time”.

The movie whose trailer is out on YouTube has the name “sides in Campus” and can be accessed on YouTube via or Instagram via: .

This is coming at a time the Nigerian government has intensified efforts towards curbing drug abuse and illicit use.