UK Unveils International Technology Strategy to Boost Technological Capabilities

TECHDIGEST– The UK government has unveiled an International Technology Strategy that outlines its plans to strengthen its technological capabilities and foster collaborations with other nations. The strategy aims to leverage the potential of new technologies to generate economic opportunities and tackle global challenges, such as the digital divide.

To achieve these goals, the UK will use the British Infrastructure Investment (BII) institution to provide investment partners with a pipeline of innovative technologies and tech-driven businesses.

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The government will also support the development of the startup ecosystems in Brazil, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa through the FCDO-DSIT Digital Access Programme (DAP).

However, the strategy also acknowledges that the advancement of new technologies comes with potential security risks. As a result, the UK government intends to collaborate with its allies to develop the country’s critical national infrastructure (CNI). The National Security and Investment Act will be used to intervene in acquisition deals that may pose a security risk to the UK.

Moreover, the UK will seek collaborations beyond traditional partners to increase the resilience of supply chains. The overall aim is to strengthen the UK’s technological capabilities while mitigating cybersecurity and economic threats.

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